Saturday, 13 June 2015


I'm going through a bad time again. There is no real reason in the present...the greyness just descended.

One of the ways I try to get through it is by walking, albeit with a rollator. In an ideal world, I would walk every day. Somedays, I just cannot face the thought of walking the same route again. Other days it rains!

So a few days ago, I took my camera with me to record some of my walk, and I was pleasantly surprised with the pictures I took.

When we first moved here, one mile from the city centre, my youngest son described the area as similar to a Butlin's holiday camp. I guess the terraced houses are somewhat reminiscent of rows of chalets!

Just 5 minutes, at my slow pace, brings me to large areas of greenery...grass, trees and even a bubbling brook.

The last photo is the route I took back to our "chalet". 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015



then cavorting
skipping along with me Dad
singing a song
inside my head
until we reached the red phone box
where me Dad called his Ma
like he did every Sunday
cos she lived so far
then a silver sixpence
fed a machine
for a chocolate bar
that tasted better then
and me Dad did the same
for a packet of ten
and a guilty smoke
on the way home