Saturday, 30 August 2014

September birthdays

Both Mum and Rorie have a birthday in September and it is important to get Rorie's finished early as it has to go to Japan.

I bought some Polly Pickering card kits a few months ago and it seemed the ideal time to use them. I made similar cards for both Mum and Rorie, just changing the topper image.

Mum's birthday present

I have been surprisingly busy for the last few weeks, with very little time spent on Twitter or here. I have been making Mum's 81st birthday present.

Mum always used to make her own cards to send to relatives and friends, but for the last 2 years has been unable to as the arthritis in her hands has got too bad. So I decided to make her a selection of cards that she could send and put them in a decorated bag.

I finished as many cards as I could, and there are well over 50!! I have made mainly birthday and Christmas cards, but some could be used for other occasions. Today I made the bag, so now all I have to do is put each card in a cellophane bag. I have started to photograph a few of the cards, and I will do some of the others as I pack them.

So here goes!!
Here are the majority of the cards, waiting to be packed.

This is the first part of the gift that I made. Last year I made some boxes of note cards that used the images from old Gloucester postcards. I made Mum something similar, but using old photos from Hay on Wye and the surrounding area.

 These 3 cards need a box rather than an envelope. They are from a kit by Hunky Dory. The lantern card and swing card were actually quite tricky to put together, far harder than it looked on the TV!. But they look very nice. The other card is made from bits left over from another card! I used 3 small trees stuck together to make a 3D card.

This is the bag that I will be filling. It is a recycled white bag, covered with gift wrap and a printed piece of card that I designed using a My Craft Studio CD. It looks so pretty in real life!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

In defence of short hair

I have short hair
and I don't care
if it suits my age
or it's not all the rage
I can spike it with gel
bleach it to hell
colour it pink
without having to think
about growing it out
for years, and I have no doubt
that if I wake in despair
with a head of bed hair
I can dunk it in water
and 5 minutes later
I'm ready to face
the day