Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Farewell to 2014

Farewell to a year
I thought was my last
I'd really rather
you didn't ask have
Ok then...just for you
I'll tell the tale
that made me blue
(red actually!!)

An allergic reaction
to pills prescribed
Left me in a state
I'll now describe

Covered in wheals
itchy & sore
My eyes, my mouth
Need I say more?

for days on end
Antihistamines became
my very best friend

So I'm rather pleased
that I'm still here
and able to wish you
a Happy New Year


  1. I'm pleased that you're here as well. Happy New Year to You and Yours from Southern California.

    1. Thank you Barbara. And a Happy New Year to you and your family from Gloucester!

  2. You've this year
    smile for me Lia
    there's more to celebrate
    after a long ordeal

    This year may you always smile
    whenever you feel low
    come out on porch
    watch the serenity flow

    Feel my prayers around you
    Erasing all your fears
    Smile for me Lia
    May you always smile this year

  3. Vishal, you always know the perfect thing to say/write. Thank you for being my friend.